The modern and religious art housed

13 août 2019

There are plenty of reasons for going to Malaga if you find yourself in Spain, but perhaps some of the more obvious ones that will likely remain in your memory are listed below:Malaga's LocationMalaga is situated perfectly as the gateway that leads to the Costa del Sol (the Sunshine Coast). Its location provides for the best spots for day trips, as a visit to the stunning cities of Cordoba, Seville and Granada can easily be Airless bottle made from here. The city actually gives you the benefit of a very historical culture and an agreable modern world, all while just sitting back and taking it easy at the fine beachfronts out there. So it doesnt really matter whether you fall into the category of party people, or prefer a book for company or even choose sporting adventures. In Malaga, you will feel completely welcome!The Malagan PeopleThe people of Malaga (the malagueos) are happy, warm and very amiable. The malagueos, are also plastic bottle good at partying hard. They hardly consider themselves as unhappy, and theres no reason why you should treat them so.

Malagueos completely love the food they eat, and it's very rare not to find them grouped at pubs, restaurants and cafes, where they truly delight in their fun... at their best telling hilarious jokes and telling of their antics.The TemperatureThe sun shines in Malaga for approximatley 320 days annually, so just taking it easy and being at your laziest best on the seafront out there is what you would ideally feel like doing! The good climate of Malaga is primarily due to its geographic situation: while is mountains protect the city from severe cold, the Mediterranean provides a cooling breeze during the hot summer months. Malaga's average temperature is around 22C, so it also does not matter which season you visit Malaga it is always a pleasure! Eating OutMalaga is rich in its food culture. With a variety of food such as sea food, dessert wine, gazpacho, etc. at its disposal, you can actually call Malaga food heaven.

There are abundant cafes, bars, and restaurants, which you can frequent to sample the choice of their fare. Be sure that you taste the pescaito frito (a malagueo recipe of fried sardines). Another must visit would be to a bodega (a wine cellar), where wine is served directly from the barrel, rather than from the bottle. MuseumsMalaga is well known as the "City of museums" as it has more than 20 of some note, many of which are located in the same area. The modern and religious art housed in these museums is a real treat for the eyes. Malaga was also the birth city of Pablo Picasso and so many of his pieces are on display in the city.

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